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More Shoe Ideas

For years, my philosophy regarding running shoes was to prefer more minimal shoes as compared to thick soled clunky supposed motion control shoes. Minimal shoes force you to run with a light quick stride. Thick soled, high heeled, motion control … Continue reading

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Aid Stations and Check Points

There are four check points along the Ridge Run course. They are at the following locations: Sacajawea Ross Pass Bridger Bowl Baldy They also serve as aid stations. Note that Sacajawea is a minor aid station and usually only has water. Ross … Continue reading

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How to Prepare Right Now

Nikki Kimball – Ridge Run Course Record Holder The Ridge Run is only three and a half months away! With this year’s Spring delayed a month or so and the Ridge Run course still burried in snow, you may be wondering how … Continue reading

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My Training – Run a Local 5K

It is Patriots day, Boston Marathon day and it still feels like winter here in Montana! In contrast, it looked like perfect conditions over in Boston for the Marathon. Cool, clear with a strong tailwind led to World Record and … Continue reading

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Lottery Selection Process

Registration for the lottery opens in one month from now. Here is how the selection process is shaping up. The selection committee intends to sift through all the lottery entries and select lottery winners in the following order and categories. … Continue reading

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My Training Mid April – Where is Spring?

Spring seems to be especially slow in coming this year. I sure hope this summer is warmer than the last few cold wet ones we’ve had. Maybe the solar sunspot cycle will finally kick into gear and heat this shivering … Continue reading

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Getting Technical about Energy

Just how much energy do you have at your disposal for a long run like the Ridge Run? The formulas here are simplifications of more sophisticated accurate formulas, but they work well for planning energy needs. First lets breakdown your … Continue reading

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