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Supine Groin an Emergency Self Defibrillation Technique

Several years ago, I developed a heart condition. The rhythm of my heart can get out of synch when applying pressure or compression to my chest. Bending over, lying on my side or even just tensing muscles surrounding my chest … Continue reading

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How to Run a 1.5 Hour Half Marathon, a Just Enough Training Approach

Comments and questions on the how to run a 3 hour marathon post inspired this post on how to run a 1.5 hour half marathon. There is some interest in how to adapt the marathon plan for a half marathon. … Continue reading

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Ridge Run Reflections 2018

2018 bought warm and dry conditions to the Race. This year also lacked the usual cooling winds up high along the Ridge. I’m not sure, but it may have been the warmest Ridge Run in the 33-year history of the … Continue reading

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Running with Heart Disease – More…

Following are some more thoughts, both practical and philosophical, regarding managing heart problems in preparation for the 2016 Ridge Run. Heart issues are not that uncommon in the Montana running community. There are many friends and acquaintances of mine with … Continue reading

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Running with (through, despite) Heart Disease

Eight years ago (2008-9), I experienced three separate incidents of Cardiac Arrest. Not to be confused with a Heart Attack. Cardiac Arrest is when the heart stops pumping blood. Heart Attack is from a blockage to the blood flow that … Continue reading

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Quick Thoughts about the Bridger Ridge Run Course Record

The possibility of Jim Walmsley doing the Ridge Run this year inspires the question: Can Jim break the course record? Jim is arguably the most talented runner the Ridge Run has seen since 2012 when Mike Wolfe set the course … Continue reading

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Run the Ridge for HER!

Central Asia Institute, based right here in Bozeman, has been building schools and providing educational opportunities for girls in Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Tajikistan for twenty years. You have helped CAI through two decades of promoting peace through education in the … Continue reading

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