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Supine Groin an Emergency Self Defibrillation Technique

Several years ago, I developed a heart condition. The rhythm of my heart can get out of synch when applying pressure or compression to my chest. Bending over, lying on my side or even just tensing muscles surrounding my chest … Continue reading

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How to Run a 1.5 Hour Half Marathon, a Just Enough Training Approach

Comments and questions on the how to run a 3 hour marathon post inspired this post on how to run a 1.5 hour half marathon. There is some interest in how to adapt the marathon plan for a half marathon. … Continue reading

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Training Log Prior to 2019 Bridger Ridge Run

Here is my training log from beginning of June through race day. Typical week is about 15 to 30 miles of running. Some weeks included some mountain biking of 15 miles or so. 2019 Goal: Small Town Montana Race Tour … Continue reading

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How to Train and Run the Bridger Ridge Run in 4 Hours

The most popular post on this Blog is a minimalist approach to training for a 3 hour Marathon. In my experience, a 3 hour Marathon is equivalent in effort and training commitment as a 4 hour Ridge Run. The target … Continue reading

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Question: How Long Should I Train?

Occasionally someone will contact the running club or this blog and ask a good question regarding the Ridge Run. Posting the question and answering it here benefits not just those asking, but also benefits anyone interested in more information about the Ridge … Continue reading

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Consistency and Moderation

Next year’s Ridge Run is 11 months away, but how you spend the next few months can have a big impact on your success in 2012. Following basic guidelines on consistency and moderation in your training can make a huge … Continue reading

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Late June Update

This past weekend was the Jim Bridger Trail run. Click here for the local paper’s coverage of it. I saw some old friends there and even met some readers of this blog. A kind soul introduced him self and stated that this … Continue reading

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