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How to Train and Run the Bridger Ridge Run in 4 Hours

The most popular post on this Blog is a minimalist approach to training for a 3 hour Marathon. In my experience, a 3 hour Marathon is equivalent in effort and training commitment as a 4 hour Ridge Run. The target … Continue reading

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Question: How Long Should I Train?

Occasionally someone will contact the running club or this blog and ask a good question regarding the Ridge Run. Posting the question and answering it here benefits not just those asking, but also benefits anyone interested in more information about the Ridge … Continue reading

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Consistency and Moderation

Next year’s Ridge Run is 11 months away, but how you spend the next few months can have a big impact on your success in 2012. Following basic guidelines on consistency and moderation in your training can make a huge … Continue reading

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Late June Update

This past weekend was the Jim Bridger Trail run. Click here for the local paper’s coverage of it. I saw some old friends there and even met some readers of this blog. A kind soul introduced him self and stated that this … Continue reading

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Bridger Ridge Run Training with Mike Wolfe

Mike Wolfe has rescheduled his presentation at REI for July 6, 7:00 PM. Click here to register. Given Mike’s busy professional schedule and the fact that he is doing the Western States 100 miler the last weekend in June, I … Continue reading

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Ridge Run Training Formally Begins

If you got into this year’s Ridge Run, now is when the real work begins – training and preparing so your 2011 adventure will be as successful and as enjoyable as possible. Kicking of the summer trail running season is … Continue reading

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How to Prepare Right Now

Nikki Kimball – Ridge Run Course Record Holder The Ridge Run is only three and a half months away! With this year’s Spring delayed a month or so and the Ridge Run course still burried in snow, you may be wondering how … Continue reading

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