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The Bridger Ridge Run blog is an information portal for all those seeking to learn more about the Bridger Ridge Run event held every second Saturday of August in Bozeman Montana. This blog contains notifications about important registration dates and deadlines, history of the event, training advice and other stories and entertaining tidbits of information about the Bridger Ridge Run.

How to Train and Run the Bridger Ridge Run in 4 Hours

The most popular post on this Blog is a minimalist approach to training for a 3 hour Marathon. In my experience, a 3 hour Marathon is equivalent in effort and training commitment as a 4 hour Ridge Run. The target … Continue reading

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Skechers GOTrail Review (2016 Version)

Most recently, I have been running in the Skechers GOTrail. It is the version that came out in early 2016. Pure speculation, but it appears Skechers will not be offering it in 2017. (Note: There is a rumor of a … Continue reading

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Microdosing Training to Enhance Adaption to Training

Can you improve fitness by injecting frequent small doses of activity into your training regime? I am going to steal the term “microdosing” from the drug culture and apply it to training. Microdosing training is the concept of improving fitness … Continue reading

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Running with Heart Disease – More…

Following are some more thoughts, both practical and philosophical, regarding managing heart problems in preparation for the 2016 Ridge Run. Heart issues are not that uncommon in the Montana running community. There are many friends and acquaintances of mine with … Continue reading

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Running with (through, despite) Heart Disease

Eight years ago (2008-9), I experienced three separate incidents of Cardiac Arrest. Not to be confused with a Heart Attack. Cardiac Arrest is when the heart stops pumping blood. Heart Attack is from a blockage to the blood flow that … Continue reading

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Quick Thoughts about the Bridger Ridge Run Course Record

The possibility of Jim Walmsley doing the Ridge Run this year inspires the question: Can Jim break the course record? Jim is arguably the most talented runner the Ridge Run has seen since 2012 when Mike Wolfe set the course … Continue reading

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Bridger Ridge Run on Twitter

Remember to check Bridger Ridge Run on Twitter: Tweets by BridgerRidgeRun  

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