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How to Calibrate or Check Accuracy of a Treadmill

Do you ever run on a treadmill(s)? If you have had to the opportunity to run on various treadmills have you noticed that running at the same pace on certain treadmills feel easy while others made running feel much more … Continue reading

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How to Run a 3 hour Marathon, a Just Enough Training Approach

Running a Marathon under 3 hours is a very respectable goal. As a benchmark, it indicates that as a runner you have at least a little talent and enough dedication to training and hard work to bring that talent out. … Continue reading

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Ridge Run Training 2015

Right now, it is early March and the Ridge Run in August may seem a long ways away. Nevertheless, if the 2015 Ridge Run is in your plans, it is time to start dedicating a little time and effort to … Continue reading

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