Look here for latest registration information.

There are about twice the number of people desiring to enter the Ridge Run than the race can accommodate. Consequently a lottery screens and chooses those that actually get to register for and enter the race. For more information and previous posts regarding registration you can look at the posts filed under the registration category.

The Big Sky Wind Drinkers running club that hosts the Ridge Run has the latest information about registration.

  • Registration for the lottery usually opens the second full week in May.
  • All lottery registration occurs online at
  • Lottery registration (non-refundable) cost is $5.00 with a $1.55 service fee, total: $6.55
  • Registration for the lottery is open to anyone.
  • Everyone desiring to enter this year’s race must enter the lottery. This includes those that have guaranteed automatic entry such as past overall winners and those that have completed the race more than 10 times.
  • The lottery will notify lottery entrants that were selected and can enter this year’s race. Notification is by email.
  • You must provide a valid non spam blocking email address and be responsible for checking it. If you do not hear that the lottery selected you – you are not selected. Please do not pester the registration people. Correction: Registration will notify you if you are selected or not. If you do not hear from Registration it means your email does not work as it either blocked reception of notification or perhaps it was spelled wrong when registering.
  • Actual race registration for only the lottery winners occurs the last full week in May.
  • All race registration occurs online at
  • Race registration (non-refundable) cost (subject to change) is $65.00 with a $4.25 service fee, total: $69.25
  • By mid June, the running club website and this blog will post the final list of all those who successfully registered for the race.

20 Responses to Registration

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  2. Amber Taylor says:

    Hi gang! I’m running the Ridge Run for the first time this year and was wondering if there was a shuttle to the start? Do racers ever carpool? I know parking is limited at Fairy Lake.

  3. JT says:

    Just found out that I’ve made it into the bridger ridge run through the lottery system. Live in Brooklyn and have done the vast majority of my running on city streets, parks or on wooded trails in upstate NY. I’ve found a shoe that works for all of this exceptionally well, and that shoe is the Nike Free 3.0. Do you have any opinion on this shoe for the Bridger Ridge Run? It has worked swimmingly by way of grip for everything I’ve needed it for, but I’m questioning its merits for a run of this sort. Opinions??

    Much thanks in advance.

    • The Nike Free is a very comfortable flexible shoe, but for me it just is not robust enough for the Ridge Run. Its upper is comfy but mushy. I would not personally use them, or recommend them for the Ridge Run.

      Nevertheless, last summer I trained with someone that did the race in Nike Frees. We actually did the entire course twice in training. The uppers of his Frees had holes ripped in them from the sharp limestone rocks on the Ridge, but he still loved them. Obviously, shoes are a personal choice.

      Gripwise the Frees are probably OK. And if you are walking or going slow on most of the course they would be fine. If you are really ripping it, you risk stubbing a toe or having your foot slide around in the shoe risking blisters.

      This blog has many posts about shoe choices. Check out the best of link and shoes and equipment categories.

  4. kyle terrio says:

    Yea, lottery registration is not working!

  5. Tara says:

    When we sign up for the lottery will there be a place to write something about “why we want to run it” ?

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes, they reserve a few spots in the rac which they fill with runners they chose b ased on what the runner writes as a reason they want to compete

    • You can read a description of the participant selection process the race committee used in prior years under the Best of Link:

      This year is similar but simpler.

      A handful (typically 10 to 20) get automatic entries based upon being former winners, 10 plus repeat finishers and a few charity auction winners.

      A bigger handful (typically 20 to 50) are subjectively selected based upon merit, your story and weighting if you did not make it in the last year or two. Yes, Tara, you get to write a short reason why you want to run.

      The rest of are selected randomly.

    • Anonymous says:

      Trying to get on racemontana website to enter 2013 lottery and I can’t get on – just keeps timing out – is anyone else having trouble?

  6. Sarah Canfield says:

    What are the distant options for the race?

    • Officially, there is only one distance option:
      Fairy Lake to the M – about 20 miles.

      Unofficially, a few people have gone from Flathead pass to the M – about 26 miles. You have to contact the race director regarding that.

  7. Els Van Woert says:

    What is the date of the 2013 race? Do you guys know yet?! Thanks!!

  8. Katy Blommer says:

    Hello! Your PDF link on the website for the 2012 lottery winners isn’t working. It returns a file not found error. Thanks!

    • Thanks for letting someone know. Sorry about that.

      I’ll let the people know who maintain website.

      The registration list will not be up until after actual race registration is over on June 9.

      Thanks for the help.

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