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Shoe Review Update New Balance MT101

In a previous post on choosing a shoe, I mentioned the New Balance MT101 as a very light minimalist trail shoe. Since that post, I’ve had a chance to do some running in the MT101’s. Initially, I was worried that … Continue reading

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Altitude Training

The Ridge Run is along the crest of the Bridger Range. The starting line near Fairy Lake is around 7,600 feet. The high point is Sacajawea Peak near 9,600 feet elevation. The low point is the finish line at 5,000 … Continue reading

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My Training Mid March – Run to the Pub

Winter makes it hard for me to get in much mileage. I did manage to do another long 2+ hour trail run out in the valley near Three Forks. This time around there was even more snow than the last! … Continue reading

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Recreational Race Strategy

I previously discussed competitive race strategy. If you aren’t that concerned with fast times and your goal for the race is to finish and have an enjoyable experience doing so, here is what I advise. Consistent, Managed Uphill Pace On … Continue reading

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Competitive Race Strategy

Way back in 2000, I was training for the Ridge Run with Mark Slater. During an excursion from Fairy Lake to Bridger Bowl, Mark asked me what my strategy was for the race. He lamented that he had trouble knowing … Continue reading

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Recommended Clothing and Equipment

Shoes are your most important equipment. I’ve already discussed shoes. This list covers the other elements of clothing and equipment you will need for the Ridge Run. This list is based on what I use and represents my biases. If … Continue reading

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