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Training Ideas for those that Can’t Train on the Ridge Run Course

The most effective way to prepare for the Bridger Ridge Run is to train on the course. For those that do not have the luxury of living near the Bridger Mountain Range, simulating the course conditions will have to suffice. … Continue reading

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What if You Get Sick During the Training Buildup Before a Race

This post is a response to a comment comprised of questions about dealing with illness and training for a marathon. Getting sick during the training and buildup to a big race is common. Even world class athletes have seen their … Continue reading

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How to Train and Run the Bridger Ridge Run in 4 Hours

The most popular post on this Blog is a minimalist approach to training for a 3 hour Marathon. In my experience, a 3 hour Marathon is equivalent in effort and training commitment as a 4 hour Ridge Run. The target … Continue reading

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Microdosing Training to Enhance Adaption to Training

Can you improve fitness by injecting frequent small doses of activity into your training regime? I am going to steal the term “microdosing” from the drug culture and apply it to training. Microdosing training is the concept of improving fitness … Continue reading

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Uphill Sidewise Shuffle and Backward Walking with Weight Vest as Low Impact Hill Training

When injury or access to mountain trails prevent you from doing hill training you can employ a treadmill, a weight vest and some creativity to garner an effective workout. A previous post described doing Walking Hill Repeats on a treadmill … Continue reading

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Getting Strong Now

Does being really strong have a positive effect on one’s performance in the Ridge Run? Common sense says yes. Just make sure to understand strength and take into account size or weight when comparing strength between different people. My focus … Continue reading

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A Winter Workout for Summer Success Trail Running

Since winter typically drapes the mountains in Montana in snow, finding snow-free trails with sustained elevation gain is a challenge from December through April. A couple winter alternatives to running mountain trails are back country skiing and uphill walking on … Continue reading

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