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Montrail Rogue Racer Review

In years past, I’ve had bad experiences with Montrail shoes. Heavy, stiff, clunky ankle twisters come to mind. As other brands have undergone renewed success selling lighter more flexible shoes, Montrail in an effort to stay competitive now offer some … Continue reading

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Interview with Pat Callis, Ridge Run 18 Time Finisher

Following is an email interview of Pat (Patrik) Callis. Pat has participated in 19 Ridge Runs and has completed 18 – second only to Andy Pilskalns. Pat holds the men’s 60-69 age group record of 4:56 set in 2002. Pat has … Continue reading

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Fairy Lake Road Expected to Open Mid July – Update: Now Open

Update: Fairy Lake Road Now Open All the Way Up. Recently, I drove all the way up to the Fairy Lake campground. The road is in decent shape. I suspect the road is now open for the summer. But with … Continue reading

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Ridge Run Blogger Interview – Part 1, Blogging

Recently, a college student with aspirations of becoming a Journalist and needing some practice interviewing, conducted a series of interviews with the Ridge Run Blogger. The interviews began on the topic of the Blogging. Questions quickly became wide ranging and … Continue reading

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2012 Participant List

Here is the list of registered participants for the 2012 Bridger Ridge Run. Excel Format: 2012RidgeRunList.xls There may still be few more additions from special fund raiser and auction entries that have not been completed yet. FIRST LAST CITY ST … Continue reading

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Registration Opens June 3

Those who were selected by the lottery must now register for the race from June 3 to June 9 at Be Accurate There is no rush to register. You have a whole week. So take your time and be … Continue reading

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