Big Sky Wind Drinkers running club.

The Bozeman Area Running Club.

They are the organization that hosts and puts on the Bridger Ridge Run.

The Official Bridger Ridge Run Web Site.

This page contains many useful links and information such as historical facts, statistics and older results.

Race Montana – Main Page.

This is the online registration site and service where you sign up for the Bridger Ridge Run and other local Montana Races.

Race Montana – Bridger Ridge Run.

This is the direct link to the Bridger Ridge Run registration page at Race Montana. If this link changes or does not work just go to the Race Montana Main Page link above.

Perfect Timing for Recent Race Results.

The original Montana timing company. This is where you can find Ridge Run results from 2004 forward. (Note: In 2010, a different Timing Company purchased Perfect Timing. I’m not sure where to find the old race results at this point. A good start is the running club’s website.

Race Registration and Lottery Rules.

These are the official registration rules laid out by the Race Director David Summerfield. These rules do change slightly every year. Check the running club’s website for the latest information.

2 Responses to Links

  1. Sol Richards says:

    Do you know how to get in contact with the devine madness running club I am interested in what they are doing.

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