Lottery Selection Process

Registration for the lottery opens in one month from now. Here is how the selection process is shaping up.

The selection committee intends to sift through all the lottery entries and select lottery winners in the following order and categories. This is preliminary criteria. The final criteria may change a bit, but probably not dramatically.

First Category – Automatic

This includes: Prior Winners, 10+ Timers, Five Finger Challengers

The number of entries that fall into this category is typically between 10 and 20 each year.

Second Category – Subjective

This includes: Special cases and stories as judged by the race director and selection committee.

The number that fall into this category could be 0 to probably no more than 10.

Third Category – Objective

This includes: Highest point winners based on a point system

The point system is a way to quantify and bias selection towards those that are active locally and have a commitment to and an investment in the Ridge Run. Points awarded for:

  • BSWD Member
  • BSWD Active Volunteer
  • Regional Resident
  • Montana Resident
  • Ridge Run Volunteer
  • Community Trail Volunteer
  • Number of Previous Failed Entrees
  • Wrote a Compelling Story

About half the remaining entries will be given to the highest point scorers. This will be about 140. That is figuring 300 total minus the automatic and subjective and then dividing in half.

Fourth Category – Random

This Includes: Random lottery picks from the list of those not selected yet.

The last 140 winners will be selected from the remaining lottery entrants in a pure random chance method.

The selection committee will also select about 50 alternates to fill spaces of those that are selected in the lottery, but fail to register for the race.

About Bridger Ridge Run

The Bridger Ridge Run blog is an information portal for all those seeking to learn more about the Bridger Ridge Run event held every second Saturday of August in Bozeman Montana. This blog contains notifications about important registration dates and deadlines, history of the event, training advice and other stories and entertaining tidbits of information about the Bridger Ridge Run.
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