Skechers GOTrail Review (2016 Version)

Most recently, I have been running in the Skechers GOTrail. It is the version that came out in early 2016.

Skechers GOTrail

Skechers GOTrail

Pure speculation, but it appears Skechers will not be offering it in 2017. (Note: There is a rumor of a GOTrail 2 coming in mid 2017.) As of early 2017, the 2016 version is still available in some stores and at discounted closeout prices. I’m bringing this up because it would make a good shoe for the Ridge Run. It offers just enough protection and grip for rocky trail running, without giving up comfort and flexibility.

Check out this review:


History of the GOTrail

The original Skechers GOTrail (2012-2013) was a very comfortable shoe for walking around in, but it did not work that well as a trail running shoe. It was replaced with the GOBionic Trail (2014) that turned out to be a great “minimalish” trail shoe being comfortable, flexible, grippy, and light weight. For me, the GOBionic Trail did not quite have enough protection to use on the Ridge Run.

Skechers discontinued the GOBionic line quite some time ago. Skechers has a tradition of introducing new models yearly and discontinuing the old. Or if they keep a model around and change it calling it a new version, it changes so much it might as well be a different model as it loses all the characteristics of the old model. The original GORun worked well for me. The new ones I dislike. My few pairs of original GORuns are getting pretty worn out, but I still love running in them.

Original Skechers GORun Getting Worn

Original Skechers GORun Getting Worn

Hopefully Skechers will do another production run of the 2016 GOTrail or something like it. They currently offer a GOTrail Ultra that is similar to the GOTrail, but the Ultra is a bit squishy and unstable as it has a much thicker softer midsole. It is also noticeably heavier.

Here is a picture of a rumored GOTrail 2 coming in mid 2017:

Skechers GOTrail 2

Skechers GOTrail 2

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