Bridger Ridge Run Registration Update Late May 2013

Important Dates

Registration for the lottery closed on Saturday May 18.

Late last night (May 23rd) the registration committee and the race director finalized the list of those selected for the 2013 Bridger Ridge Run.

Over the next day or so, you will get an email indicating your selection status. Those accepted, can start registering for the race Sunday May 26. You will have until Saturday June 1st to complete signing up for the race at

Direct your questions to KendraBRR at gmail dot com if you have a question or don’t get your notification.

Encouragement for those Disappointed

Unfortunately, not everyone that wants to do the race gets accepted. So there are inevitable disappointments. Remember, there is always next year.

If you failed to get in this year, you will get to bypass the random lottery next year and get automatic selection if you try again next year.

Worse case, over time, at a minimum, you will be able to get in every other year.

In fact, numerous people that tried, but failed to get in last year got in automatically this year bypassing the lottery.

There are always several family groups and friend groups that want to do the race together. It is impossible to accommodate these requests. If your group got broken up, blame it on the Microsoft random number generator function, rand(). Those that did not get in can always cheer and train with those that did.

Some Tidbits about the Selection Process

To try and accommodate as many people as possible, the race committee actually significantly overbooks the race. The race initially lets in many more people as compared to the number agreed upon with the US Forest Service. This practice is just like that used by the airlines. Inevitably, there is a large number of people that plan to do the race, but later can’t for various reasons. So far, over the years, this strategy has worked. What initially seems like a scarily high number of participants eventually dwindles down to just within the target number come race day.

This year, the vast majority of people were selected by pure random lottery. There were only two previous winners and a handful of 10 timers that get automatic entry. There was another handful of charitable auction entries. There were probably a couple dozen people that got selected because they failed to get in last year and tried again this year. And there were probably a few dozen people the selection committee (along with the race director) subjectively selected to make sure they got in the race. This subjective selection was based upon their story and the uniqueness and service they bring to the race.

At a Glance, Another Fast Field of Participants

From a cursory look at the list of people selected, on the women’s side there are a couple of returning winners and last year’s runner up. There are no returning men’s winners, but there a couple of the very fastest finishers from last year and last year’s runner up doing it again. And there is a very talented (probably one of the fastest non-collegiate runners in the state) that got in and will be doing it for the first time. So the race on both sides of the sex divide will be highly competitive. Will we see a sub 4 hour for the women and a sub 3 hour for the men?

Baldy Blitz Results

As mentioned in the previous post, last Saturday May 18th was the Baldy Blitz. It was a great day of light winds mild temperatures and an atmosphere heavy with moisture and mystery.

Baldy Blitz 2013 above the Meadow approaching Baldy Base

Baldy Blitz 2013 above the Meadow approaching Baldy Base

Remember, doubling your round trip Baldy time is a good way to estimate your Ridge Run potential time. Looking at the results, one must conclude that there are a lot of fast people lurking around Bozeman.

Baldy Blitz 2013 Race Directors at the Start Finish M TH

Baldy Blitz 2013 Race Directors at the Start Finish M TH

Following are the results:

  • Mark Raymond 1:51:56
  • Jonathan Hockett 1:54:03
  • Craig Clouatre 1:56:22
  • Alex Lussier 1:57:06
  • Ed Detzi 1:57:43
  • Frank Jacques 1:58:40
  • Andy Morgosh 2:00:41
  • Mitch Steckmest 2:01:58
  • Joe Davis 2:03:19
  • Joh Apple 2:04:21
  • Tomas Dumbrowski 2:04:25
  • Minde Erickson 2:05:46
  • Marcus Giese 2:05:49
  • Adam Freund 2:09:38
  • Jon Cummins 2:11:10
  • Terry Leist 2:14:47
  • Tim Stefan 2:15:35
  • Jordan Oberdorf 2:19:37
  • Amy Stefan 2:21:54
  • Peter Harned 2:23:28
  • Ben Latrance 2:24:54
  • Jeff Johnson 2:25:05
  • Kyle McKenzie 2:25:10
  • Gro Lunde 2:26:35
  • Jason Tanguay 2:26:49
  • Katie Dolesh 2:27:16
  • Justin Bigart 2:27:33
  • Patrick Murphy 2:32:58
  • Larry Johnson 2:34:50
  • Brian Williams 2:39:11
  • Daryl Baker 2:41:02
  • Tom Moore 2:43:03
  • Bill Flannagan 2:52:49
  • Carrie Krause 2:53:00
  • Jen Swica 2:55:41
  • Megan DeHaan 2:57:22
  • Randy Oostema 2:59:49
  • Roger Roots 3:00:42
  • Aga Apple 3:00:43
  • Katie Adams 3:02:24
  • Tamara Allen 3:07:18
  • Alyson Sperry 3:10:52
  • Daryl DeFrance 3:12:32
  • Joshua Burnin 3:21:12
  • Kelby Barton 3:21:13
  • Stephanie Davison Very Fast

About Bridger Ridge Run

The Bridger Ridge Run blog is an information portal for all those seeking to learn more about the Bridger Ridge Run event held every second Saturday of August in Bozeman Montana. This blog contains notifications about important registration dates and deadlines, history of the event, training advice and other stories and entertaining tidbits of information about the Bridger Ridge Run.
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