New Media, Old Media, Media Bias, Remote Viewing the False Prophet – Ridge Run Blogger Interview Part 2

Recently, a college student with aspirations of becoming a Journalist and needing some practice interviewing, conducted a series of interviews with the Ridge Run Blogger.

The interviews began on the topic of the Blogging. Questions quickly became wide ranging and explored some controversial topics. Given their length, it makes sense to brake them up into parts and post pieces periodically.

This is the second part of the interview. You can read the first part here.

What newspapers do you read? What are your sources of news and information?

It is fascinating to me that a journalism student like yourself who is about one third my age and has spent almost all of their life living in the Internet age is asking about old waning media concepts like newspapers.

Nevertheless, I suppose the concept of the newspaper is still bound to our image of the news and information.

Getting back to your question, I do not currently read any newspapers. I never was much of a reader of newspapers. The only print newspaper I ever subscribed to and read with any frequency was Investor’s Business Daily.  That was a long time ago!

Given the technology of the Internet, I can’t find any reason to read the paper version of a newspaper. Oh I suppose, for local news and events they have usefulness. But for current national and world news, most newspapers just parrot the major news feeds like the AP. You can access it all online.

This is the new era of the citizen journalist. That is what the Bridger Ridge Run blog is – citizen journalism. It is a narrow and focused topic, covered in depth and accurately as possible.

As long as the Internet remains unregulated uncontrolled and viable, curious people can get past what the Big Media sources of information want you to know. You can be and must be your own investigator to ferret out the truth. For those willing to make the effort, new information tools such as video, podcasting, blogging have opened the door for anyone to be an information or news reporter and consumer. We live in a golden age of information access and creation.

It sounds like you do not trust the more traditional news media and do not take their news feeds at face value. Do you think the dominate media outlets are biased?

Yes. All humans have beliefs and their beliefs shape their biases. Show me a person who has no biases and I will show you a person that is beyond belief!

It is very challenging to be impartial, unbiased and without favorites.

The media and news they report will reflect the beliefs and biases of the people such as the editors and journalists that are working in the media. It is just human nature.

So to protect yourself from being manipulated and swayed by biased reporting, you must always ask the question, why is this story being reported the way it is and what is not being reported.

What has tragically happened is that the belief and bias in the dominant Big Media (with a capital M) has become consistent across all the major American news outlets. Anything that is outside a kind of materialistic tranny that the Media promotes is universally ridiculed, marginalized or just plain ignored.

The press or media is protected under our constitution – freedom of the press. The Big Media has betrayed that constitutional protection and in many ways has become the enemy of the people. They have influenced and steered this country away from our founding principles of limited government, liberty, individual rights and responsibilities to one of group rights, dependency, celebrity worship, apathy and materialism.

Although there have been some high profile cases of major news networks fudging or faking news stories, most of the bias takes place by what stories or parts of a story are not reported. So what the Media reports may be mostly true, where they fail is by not reporting the whole truth. It is very easy to tilt a story by selective editing and intentionally not reporting details that do not support the overall narrative or theme that reporters want to get across. They will emphasize facts and stories that are consistent with their agenda and suppress facts and stories that do not support their agenda.

How did the Media become so biased as you say?

I’ve thought about that a lot over the years.

Do you understand the concept of feedback? The most common experienced feedback phenomena is what happens in a PA or sound system when you bring a microphone too close to a speaker and it creates a single pitch screech. It is a closed loop system where the sound that comes out the speaker is picked up by the microphone and then amplified and played out the speaker again and then picked up by the microphone and then amplified and played out the speaker and on and on and on.

Well that is what has happened in our news media. A media outlet will report the news shaped by their biases, other media outlets consume that information and likewise report it. It shapes opinion and influences future reporting. It is a feedback loop. Over time, only a single theme or narrative is what gets through. It is analogous to the single screechy feedback note in a PA system or sound system at a concert.

That is one way to explain why over 90% of the people in the journalism field and those who work in Big Media have the same beliefs and biases – feedback. When surveyed, the vast majority of news media people have the same political affiliation, the same science and religious beliefs, the same cultural beliefs, the same beliefs about the environment and natural resources etc. They may tout diversity, but there is very little diversity in the dominant American media players.

I’ve never been a news worthy person or involved in news worthy events or activities. But way back in the 1980’s when Bozeman was just a sleepy little town, I was involved in a local business that garnered the attention of the Montana State Government. There was a desire of the Government to get involved in the business to promote jobs and I suppose take credit for some of our success. And as soon as the Government gets involved and there is a little controversy, the press or media deems it newsworthy and they want to do a story. It was always a shock at how wrong, tilted and one-sided the local newspaper would report the story. They interviewed me, but would get facts wrong or leave out information if it did not fit the story or narrative they were intent on reporting. Someone reading the story would get the totally opposite impression of what was actually going on.

Feedback and a monoculture of belief – that is a face value explanation I have for the cause of media bias. If you want a more esoteric and darker sinister explanation, let me know. I can proffer that as well.

First, what do you recommend as information sources both general current events and running related?

One of the best running related information sources that I have utilized and benefited from in the past was Running Research News. Before the Internet, I use to subscribe to it. Now with a little research and investigative journalism, I can find most of the information free online. There are some coaches (Steve Magness) and running science researchers (Alex Hutchinson) that have blogs that I check now and then. These are prefect examples of citizen journalism.

For current events, nothing beats the Drudge Report. It is a convenient online starting place to begin your exploration of the current news. The Drudge Report is mainly just a portal and list of links to just about every news outlet both foreign and domestic that you can imagine. It links to the all the major Big Media network news outlets as well as lesser known news blogs. It does not do much reporting itself, but instead just lists stories that are reported elsewhere online.

The major Internet portals such as Yahoo, MSN, Google, CNN all have news feeds. But it is pure cruft – designed to entertain, waste time and misinform. Avoid getting trapped into reading that junk. It is also the most biased agendized of any news on the web.

How about TV or radio news, is there anything of value there?

Other than local stuff, TV news is all the same and parrots the same stories. They even use the same words and phrases when reporting a particular narrative. Switch channels, the news readers faces may change, but the story remains the same. TV has the added challenge of being very terse. Time limitations prevent going into enough depth to accurately cover the whole story.

With TV or Radio, you have to consider who the advertisers are and who is funding the operation. For example, NPR is funded by large corporations, foundations and the government. That will influence what they report and what stories are off limits and not reported. Years ago, I use to listen to NPR but I found my values starting to get twisted by their biases. Perhaps NPR does stand for National Propaganda Radio. I rarely listen to NPR anymore, but when I do, it becomes a fatiguing activity. A lot of my mental energy goes into remaining aware of their background platform and bias to understand why they are reporting the way they do.

Last year there were some high profile shake ups at NPR. Some NPR higher ups were exposed selling favorable reporting to donors. It became exposed that NPR directly promoted certain prejudices. They give special favorable treatment to particular people and topics and likewise give special negative treatment of those people and stories that did not fit with their agenda. Sure some of the top NPR management is now gone, but it is foolish to now expect NPR’s reporting to become unbiased.

So what is the more esoteric and darker sinister explanation for Media bias that you previously alluded to?

The News Media is the False Prophet.

What exactly does that mean?

It is a simple statement to say the News Media is the False Prophet. But I suppose it does require a fairly long explanation of just what it means and where such a notion comes from.

The concept of the False Prophet comes from the book of Revelation in the New Testament (Rev 16:13 19:20 20:10). How that biblical concept of the False Prophet got to be identified as the News Media and by who requires introducing and explaining the concept of Remote Viewing.

In the simplest terms, Remote Viewing is a trainable structured mental technique that allows a person to describe details about a target that is inaccessible to normal senses due to distance or time.

Back in the 1970’s during the cold war, our military in a joint effort with SRI (Stanford Research Institute) developed Remote Viewing as an intelligence gathering and espionage technique. It was used with some success for gathering data during the cold war. The last military use I am aware of was in the early 1990’s during the first gulf war.

Government funding for the program ended back in the mid 1990’s. At that time, some of the military project leaders retired and began openly teaching the technique to the public. In 1995, I took an intensive course in Remote Viewing. Since then, probably hundreds of thousands of people of all walks of life have been trained in the technique. You can now purchase DVD’s and learn the skills at home.

Getting back to the concept of the News Media as the False Profit – it is a rather interesting story. Here goes.

One of the military trainers and intelligence officers of the Remote Viewing program was a Christian. As most Christians are, he was fascinated by some of the biblical concepts such as the crucifixion, the resurrection and the symbolism like the False Profit, the Mark of Beast etc. When training his team and practicing, this particular trainer took advantage of his position. He explored his interests in Christianity with the help of his remote viewing team. He used these biblical concepts as practice targets or calibration targets. And in this case, when his team would remote view the concept of the False Prophet the data gathered was consistent with the target being the News Media. Consequently, the conclusion drawn is that the biblical concept of the False Prophet is the News Media.

Knowing this sure helps come to terms with and explain why the News Media sometimes seems just as intent in deceiving and hiding the truth as they do in honestly reporting it. The job of the False Prophet is to deceive. Big Media does that job quite well.

Big Media is also vested in destroying the reputations of good and moral people and at the same time defends and protects immoral people. The realization that the News Media is the False Prophet sure helps to understand this behavior.

I’m not sure I understand what you mean by Remote Viewing. It seems we are getting off topic in regards to the new media and blogging. But I am intrigued. I’m hesitant to ask you to explain more about Remote Viewing, but what the heck. Can you give some more examples that help explain it? Can you remote view anything? Solve or see some of the mysteries of life?

The interview changes direction here. This is a good breaking point. Look for it to continue and be posted in part 3 at a future date.

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