Skechers GOrun Ride Review

Previously, I did a review of the original Skechers GOrun. Last spring I did a lot of racing and running in the GOrun with surprising success. This past summer I did a far bit of training in the newer beefier version of the GOrun, the GOrun Ride. Since I enjoyed the original GOrun so much and had reviewed it, I thought the Ride version of the GOrun deserved a quick mention and brief review.

Skechers GOrun Ride a Cushioned Comfy Training Shoe

Skechers GOrun Ride a Cushioned Comfy Training Shoe

Pedestrian Feel

The Ride is a bulked up version of the original GOrun. The main difference is a thicker sole with more protection and cushion – especially under the ball of the foot. It is amazing what a little extra cushion does to a shoe. Appearance wise and weight wise, the Ride is very similar to the original GOrun. Amazingly, they are very different when you get them on your feet and do some running. The GOrun Ride feels more like an ordinary conventional cushioned training shoe. The magic playful and fast feeling of the original GOrun is gone. This is a bit disappointing. I guess that is just the sacrifice of adding cushioning and protection.

The Ride has a sock liner or insole as compared to the original GOrun that has no removable insole. I suppose you could remove the GOrun Ride’s insole to get rid of a bit of cushioning, but this exposes some seams and may make it a bit blister prone. The original GOrun had an interior finished to eliminate exposed seams making them comfy even when worn without socks.

More Protection for Rough Surfaces

While the minimalist nature of the original GOrun makes them only suitable for running on smooth surfaces like paved roads or the track; the extra cushion of the Ride makes them a bit more versatile. You are going to be able to venture onto rougher trails or rocky roads thanks to the extra cushion found in the GOrun Ride.

The GOrun Ride is not a trail shoe and will not offer the protection I think is needed for rugged rocky terrain, but you can get away with way more with the GOrun Ride then you can with the original GOrun.


If you want a comfy cushioned training shoe, the GOrun Ride is a decent shoe. It is great for logging some easy miles where comfort and ease on the feet is paramount. For me, it feels a bit too clunky for fast running on the track or road racing. The feel of the original GOrun inspires me to run like a kid again. The feel of the GOrun Ride inspires me to run a long slow distance or tempo run at best.

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7 Responses to Skechers GOrun Ride Review

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  2. StephenB says:

    I enjoyed the review. I have both the original go run and the rides. Lately I’ve been running in the rides almost exclusively so I might have to slip on the original version again. I do agree that the midfoot hump is much less pronounced. At the moment the rides are my top choice for a shoe, with the marathon being my race of choice. I give them the nod over kinvaras and go bionics, both of which leave me with tired feet after a longer run. I wore the rides to my first sub-4 marathon in Chicago this fall. Looking forward to the Mizuno EVO Cursoris early next year.

    • StephenB says:

      For grins I ran 7 miles in my original go runs this morning at an easy pace. For me at least, I realized that I appreciate the increased cushioning provided by the newer go run rides. The extra support makes a difference for me in lower leg fatigue.

    • Way to go on the sub 4 hour Marathon using the GoRuns Rides.

      This fall, I’ve run a couple Half Marathons in the original GoRuns. For me that is the upper limit on distance for the original GoRuns. I know people use the original GoRuns for Marathons, but I do not think I ever will. Perhaps like you have found, the Rides and their added cushion work better for long multi hour events.

      At the moment, for running on smooth surfaces (paved road or track), there is no shoe I enjoy more than the original GoRuns. They just feel good and make running fun. This may sound cheesy, but they make me smile.

  3. Thanks for the review. I really love the Original Go Run, so was wondering about these. Do they still have the “arch support” hump of the Go Run? I love the “hump” because it really helps with me avoid sore arches, although I would appreciate a bit more padding. Hmmm…

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