Bangtail Divide 38K Trail Race

Bangtail Divide 38K
Bangtail Divide 38K

On July 21st there is a new trail race in the Bangtails. This is the range of rolling mountains just to the east of the Bridger Canyon.

Gazing west from the Bangtails there are revealing views of the Bridger range for those interested in studying the profile of the course of the upcoming Bridger Ridge Run.

Consider Doubling

The three weeks that separate the Bangtail Divide Race from the Bridger Ridge Run affords plenty of time for recovery for those interested in doubling and doing both races. The Bangtail race distance is a bit under a marathon at 23.4 miles. The elevation gain is a modest 3,000 feet so it is a much gentler venue on your quads than the Ridge Run.

Get Your Fueling and Hydration Dialed In

Using an organized race as a long training run is a great way to practice your fueling and hydration strategy. Because of aid stations, entering an organized race affords a way for you to do a long training run and not have to carry all your fuel needs with you.

It looks like there will be 3 aid stations out on the course; spaced about 5 miles apart. This format is similar to the Bridger Ridge Run with its three major aid stations (Ross Pass, Bridger Bowl, Baldy). It couldn’t be a more perfect way to practice.

Racing Your Way to Fitness

Even when using a race as a training run, there is just something about an organized race that inspires a quality effort and workout. Take advantage of it.

The Bangtail Divide Trail is popular for mountain biking. This You Tube Video gives a full course taste of the trail.

Here is a picture of typical terrain.

Bangtail Divide Trail

Bangtail Divide Trail

For more pictures check out this blog.


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1 Response to Bangtail Divide 38K Trail Race

  1. MtUnpaved says:

    Sounds like a great race and while this year won’t work for me, I’ll certainly give it a try next year!

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