Trail Conditions and Lottery Updates, May 20

Baldy Blitz and Trail Conditions

Yesterday, May 19, was the Baldy Blitz – a dash up Baldy from the M and then back down. This year saw near perfect conditions of cool clear and calm. Race Director Tom Kalakay expressed disappointment over the tame conditions as compared to white outs, 60 mile an hour winds, and rotten snow that that last few years experienced. The warm and dry winter/spring have left the course nearly snow free. What a contrast to last year. Look for results in the local newspaper.

The Baldy Blitz is a great rust buster and fitness tester. Dan Campbell bested the field and looks to be as tough as usual. Andy Garza blasted the uphill portion and reached the summit first in just over 70 minutes.

For May, that is darn good time and a PR for Andy – indicative of his early season fitness. If Andy stays healthy and nothing tragic happens on race day, look for him to PR and break 4 hours for the first time at this summer’s Ridge Run.

Minde Erickson was the fastest woman in the Baldy Blitz and also looks to be in good fitness for this time of the year. She will most likely be a top contender amongst the women in this year’s Ridge Run.

For those of you interested, I ran in a new pair of Nike Zoom Trails. They are still my favorite shoe for running in the Bridger Range. Even though they were discontinued in 2009 (?), Every now and then, eBay lists a pair of Nike Zoom Trails. Here is a nearly new pair I bought last month:

Ridge Run Lottery

The lottery sign up produced 424 entries this year. I think this number is down a bit from last year’s 489. This is a good thing! It means there will be less disappointed people that the lottery does not pick.

Look to be email notified by the end of next week if you got picked in the lottery.

May the odds be every in your favor.” Coriolanus Snow

About Bridger Ridge Run

The Bridger Ridge Run blog is an information portal for all those seeking to learn more about the Bridger Ridge Run event held every second Saturday of August in Bozeman Montana. This blog contains notifications about important registration dates and deadlines, history of the event, training advice and other stories and entertaining tidbits of information about the Bridger Ridge Run.
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5 Responses to Trail Conditions and Lottery Updates, May 20

  1. jessicalynnyc says:

    Nike Zoom Trails aside, have you tried any of the minimalist trail shoes in the Bridger Range? The New Balance Minimus Trail shoes are my absolute favorite, but I’m not sure how they’d hold up on this course. (I’m obviously counting my chickens before they hatch as I’m still holding out hope that the odds are ever in my favor for race entry.)

    • Thanks for your question.

      There are people that have done the Ridge Run in Vibram Five-Fingers. I’m not one of them!

      The Bridger Range has a lot of sharp exposed Limestone. I prefer a shoe with some protection.

      I’ve done some training in the Bridgers using the NB Minimus, MT100 and MT101. But they are marginal for me personally. They force me to slow down and run very cautiously to avoid paining my tender feet.

      If your feet are tough and strong and you are quick and agile, the Minimus may work for you. Take them out on the course and experiment.

  2. I knock away at it a little at a time. Thanks for the complements. You are an inspiration to most of us. Some day I would like to be where you are at. That is amazing since you are almost twice my age. So as far as I can tell from what you have showed me. I have a lot of time left to get there. You are the man!

  3. I may be wrong. But I emagine that part of Andys success at the run had to be because of his recent commitment to going to all the Tuesday Night Track workouts.!/groups/179843532062178/

    Speed workouts are key. To run faster you have to run faster. LOL

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