Race Recap

2011 saw one of the nicer days for the Ridge Run. A clear sky and mild temps greeted runners. A slight head wind may have slowed things down in places, but it also provided welcome cooling.

A Perfect Day for Runners at Ross Pass

A Perfect Day for Runners at Ross Pass

There were complaints about the heat. But compared to other years, it was not that warm. It wasn’t until the early afternoon, when the heat really set in. So if you were fortunate enough to finish before noon, it was not that bad.

Because of the relatively cool summer this year, most of us are probably not as heat conditioned as usual.

Looking back at recent Ridge Runs, I think 2008 was much warmer at the start and during the early part of the race than this year. Every year is different, and you do not know what it will be like, until it is over.

The Multi Timers

The three that have completed it the most managed to do it again.

Andy Pilskalns as far as I know had an uneventful 22nd running.

It was a different story for Pat Callis as he struggled to finish his 19th. He sometimes is challenged with stomach troubles that make it hard for him to eat and drink enough. But after a long rest up on Saddle Peak he managed to soldier on to finish in about 8 hours.

The Winners

Scott Creel at Ross Pass

Scott Creel at Ross Pass

No surprises here. Scott captured his 10th victory. And Nikki repeated in under 4 hours.

Nikki  Kimbll at Ross Pass

Nikki Kimbll at Ross Pass

The men’s battle for second was won by Zach Miller over a couple youngsters.

Zach Miller at Ross Pass

Zach Miller at Ross Pass

Kelly Webster was the second woman. It must of have been an exciting race for second as the 3rd and 4th woman Jenny Pierce and Rachel Depuy finished within minutes of Kelly. All three were visible at the same time coming down the M trail toward the finish.

Pictures Available

Here is a link to pictures by Chrismac Photo. He took the pictures at Ross Pass. To see them without out all the writing on them, you do have to pay. The thumbnail pictures above are from Chrismac Photo.

Last year there were some other photographers that posted their pictures. If I become aware of more pictures, I will post a link to them here. Or if you know of any pictures, please leave a comment.

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