Last Pre-Race eMail Sent Out

By now you will have received an eMail from the registration gal titled: “Bridger Ridge Run Registration Confirmation‏”.

If you did not get this eMail, either your eMail is faulty or you are not in the race. Registering with a non-working eMail or not being responsible to check your email is grounds for disqualification based on the registration rules. Knowing how accommodating the registration gal is, I’m not sure if she enforced that. Either way, if you did not get the eMail, it means you are not in the race.

The eMail contains instructions regarding waves, bib number pickup, car-pooling to start, pre-race meeting, and other odds and ends. It also contains your name, age, sex, address and T Shirt size. Verify all this is correct and respond back to the email if any corrections are needed.

Regarding Waves

The registration people do a lot of work placing people in the appropriate waves in an attempt to minimize the need for passing. For example: If the email says you are in wave 1, you are expected to be going faster than most everyone in waves 2, 3, 4, and 5.

The wave assignments are pretty much set. There is one condition were you should contact the race regarding waves. This is if you are assigned wave 1 and now know that your finish time will be a lot slower than say 4 and 3/4 hours. This is a potential safety issue to you and faster people in wave 2 needing to pass you on the exposed sections of the course coming down off Sacajawea and then along the first narrow part of the foothill trail. In this case, please feel free to respond to the email and request to be put in a different wave.

Last eMail as Sent:

Hello Ridge Runners,

Please review the below data carefully and reply to tell us if there are any changes, ESPECIALLY if you need to cancel. No wave changes allowed unless there is an extremely compelling reason. The 5 waves start every 5 minutes, so it’s not that crucial which one you are in unless you expect to win. The wave time is adjusted from your total time, so all are timed fairly.

This year we are using chip timing, which will attach with Velcro around your ankle. You will pick up your chip along with your bib at the start of the race (not before). Make sure your bib and chip numbers match! Remember your bib number below. Also always show your bib number at all checkpoints, so we can keep track of all runners from start to finish.

The Forest Service is requiring us to not poop in the woods anymore at the start. They may be in uniform at Fairy Lake, and will ticket people who do (do). There will be 3 porta-potties and one regular concrete outhouse next to the starting line as well as other outhouses further down the road by the campground. Please use them!!

It may be quite hot, so bring plenty of water. There is approximately a gallon of water per runner on the Ridge for you to replenish your bottle and guzzle at aid stations.

Carpooling is free form and your responsibility. The road to Fairy Lake is not too bad but high clearance is a good idea. If you are looking for a ride, be at the “M” by 5:00 am.

The pre-race meetings (mandatory for first timers) will be at Mountain Hot Tub, on 2744 West Main Street in Bozeman, at 4:00, 5:00, and 6:00 PM on Friday before the race.

The following shows how your entry has been processed:

Bib #:

Race: Wave #




Age: Sex: Age Group:

T Shirt:

Please let us know if corrections are needed by replying to this email.

Rest well and see you soon.

The Race Staff

About Bridger Ridge Run

The Bridger Ridge Run blog is an information portal for all those seeking to learn more about the Bridger Ridge Run event held every second Saturday of August in Bozeman Montana. This blog contains notifications about important registration dates and deadlines, history of the event, training advice and other stories and entertaining tidbits of information about the Bridger Ridge Run.
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