Fairy Lake Road Could Open Any Day

The road up to Fairy Lake and the trail head to Mount Sacajawea has been free of snow for over a week. It is dry and bare the whole way from Highway 86 to the Fairy Lake campground. On Monday July 11, even the campsites were melted out.

Fairy Lake Road Closed at Mile 3

Fairy Lake Road Closed at Mile 3

I was expecting the road to be open, but it was still closed at the 3 mile mark – about halfway up to Fairy Lake. Even though the road was closed, there were some forest service personnel driving on the road. I asked when they would open the road and they said the road was blocked by snow, which was not true. I’ll give the forest service the benefit of the doubt that the road was still closed because of bureaucratic inefficiency, laziness or ??? and not some underhanded way to limit public access.

Fairy Lake Campground Parking Lot

Fairy Lake Campground Parking Lot

I expect that the road should open any day now. Maybe by the time you read this blog! Check with the Forest Service to make sure. And encourage them to open the road if it still closed and they are dragging their feet regarding opening it. Make sure to thank them if it is open.

Road Conditions

Right now, the road is dry and in very good condition. It appears to have been recently maintained. Even low clearance vehicles should have no problems getting up to Fairy Lake.

Trail Conditions

Snow in Sacajawea Basin

Snow in Sacajawea Basin

There are a few drifts of snow in the woods as you first begin the trail up to Sacajawea. The basin below the pass between Sacajawea and Hardscrabble has lots of snow. The snow is firm and very easy to negotiate. I encountered only one small snow field on the foothill trail between Sacajawea and Ross pass. It is on a steep section and a little intimidating to cross, but it is doable and will melt soon.

Foot Hill Trail

Foothill Trail

Pass From North Summit of Sacajawea

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7 Responses to Fairy Lake Road Could Open Any Day

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    now is Twidroid but it is very slow.

  2. Eric says:

    Thanks for sharing and mentioning the feasibility of low clearance vehicles. I’ll call the Forest Service tomorrow and ask about Fairy Lake Road conditions and if there are any campfire restrictions.

  3. Dawn says:

    Just drove the 3 hr drive to find the road closed on June 10, 2016…..every website said they open end of May….waste of gas and time!

  4. Lee Starck says:

    Just called. The road to Fairly Lake is open.

  5. santoreeves says:

    I so badly miss Bozeman. Would love to run the Ridge again may be next year..!! 😦

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