Ridge Run Participant List Finalized

The lottery is over. Yeah! There were nearly 500 entries. 300 got in and unfortunately nearly 200 people did not get in. Bummer.

By now you will have been notified by email of your acceptance or non-acceptance into the 2011 Bridger Ridge Run.

Remember, it is your responsibility to check your email and to have provided a correct and working email address.

If You Got In…

There is one more registration step for the 300 accepted for participation. If you are one of the 300 getting in, you will get another email providing you with a password for completing your registration at racemontana.com. You will get this email before Wednesday June 8. Registration goes from June 8 to June 15.

You still must register or your slot will be given to someone else.

If You Did Not Get In…

There is always next year. The fact that you did not get in this year will be considered when you enter the lottery next year, 2012.

Appreciation Goes To…

The lottery committee worked diligently over the last week to ensure the selection process was fair and the rules as stated applied equally to all. Every entry was scrutinized by many eyes.

It would be great if everyone who wanted to participate could. The reality is that we are fortunate that we are allowed to have as many as 300 participants in a fragile alpine environment like the crest of the Bridger Range. We need to be thankful to the local Forest Service as they have been extremely generous and continue to treat those involved with the Ridge Run quite well.

This is especially appreciated in light of the recent nationwide shift in policy concerning public access and use of public lands.

In the last couple years, the policy of government bureaucracies that control who gets to do what on public lands has changed from generaly promoting public access and use to one of placing more limits on public access and public use. Endeavors such as organized races that charge an entry fee may have only a tinge of commercialism, but they are starting to be reviewed and restricted. In many regions of the country, trail runs on public lands have recently faced stricter limits on the number of participants allowed and what public land areas they can access.

About Bridger Ridge Run

The Bridger Ridge Run blog is an information portal for all those seeking to learn more about the Bridger Ridge Run event held every second Saturday of August in Bozeman Montana. This blog contains notifications about important registration dates and deadlines, history of the event, training advice and other stories and entertaining tidbits of information about the Bridger Ridge Run.
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2 Responses to Ridge Run Participant List Finalized

  1. Eric says:

    Do they send out an email to confirm you were not selected? Would help to clarify if there was an email snafu or not. Something for them to consider next year?

    • Yes, everyone who entered the lottery was sent an email indicating their selection or rejection. If you entered the lottery, you should have heard by now.

      Providing a valid email address that does not spam filter and then also checking you email was stressed in the lottery sign up as important responsibilities.

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